Coming Back to Animal Jam

We interrupt your regularly scheduled cosplay update to bring you… an Animal Jam post!

Wait, what?

That’s right, folks. After two or three years of inactivity, my best friend and I (who you may know as Amber or Rtangel781) drudged up our old accounts and played good ol’ AJ again. As it turns out, a lot of things have changed since we blogged about it.

In order to set aside old wounds (such as transferring all your rare items to a friend’s account and then forgetting their password – that’s dumb, kids, don’t do it) we started over from scratch, under the new names thedragonslayer14 and vneckofpower (don’t ask). We did, however, keep our old character names, Juniper Spiritbird and Lucky Shyclaws, just for old times’ sake, and also because Celestia (aka Flora Cottoncloud) and I recently dredged up both installments of “The AJ Story”, the first part of which was not quite as horrid as we’d expected.

Giraffes are now available to non-members, which is pretty cool, because it looks like nothing else new is. The name generator has (thankfully) had some new additions, adding cute prefixes like Sleek, Tranquil, and Ember, as well as some more questionable ones that make names like “Legit Swaggyswag” and “Notable Kawaiipotato” real possibilities. However, the old standby, Major Majormajor, is still around. Oh, well.

The good ol’ map was exactly how I remembered it. The general public in Jamaa Township seems to have got even more annoying since AJ got popular after I left. (Note to self: are these two things related? I hope not.) There’s also a new thing called a Jammer Wall, which I know nothing about, owing to the fact that it’s members-only.

Best Dressed, Falling Phantoms, and Splash-n-Dash are exactly as fun as I remember them being, and Amber and I can still scrape up a tie in Four Gem/Connect Four, which is pretty impressive, seeing as neither of us have played it in years. In addition, we just happened to drop in on a Monday, which pretty much every AJ player ever will recognize as the day that an exclusive rare goes up for sale in the shop. That day’s rare was a pair of cat ears and whiskers, which are less cute than they sound, at least on a wolf.

For the first time, I got to see the inside of a parental control account, which isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. For starters, free chat is members-only now, which, in my opinion, is really stupid. You shouldn’t have to pay to be un-censored.

Then again, using that logic, you shouldn’t have to pay to dress up a wolf-shaped pattern of pixels in a skirt and a headset, either. But everyone does it. And, in hindsight, even though I blew close to fifty dollars on that website (in eleven-year-old dollars, mind you), I really don’t regret it. I had as much fun on Animal Jam as I’ve had in any other video game, even though it can’t compare in terms of gameplay. I had a weird kind of social life in which my friends and I gossiped and complained about the rising and falling of the AJ stock market (read: they brought rares to the Diamond Shop and everyone got mad). We played enormously fun games of pretend based on our characters and the additions we’d made to the canonical AJ world. Most importantly, I don’t think my friendships with either Amber or Celestia would be where they are now if we didn’t spend so much time frolicking in Jamaa together.

Would I spend that $50 again? If it meant having the kind of fun we had on Animal Jam, maybe so, at least once I’d confirmed that there was nothing better to spend that kind of money on, such as cosplay necessities, or ComicCon souvenirs. I can’t see myself spending money on another Animal Jam membership at any time in the near future, but who knows? Maybe my kids will be hipsters and they’ll play it, too.

Since, once again, I have no idea how to end this post without it ending up enormously cheesy, here’s a dank meme to send you on your way.

Portal 2 Cosplay: Argh, I only have two months left (but things are going well!)

First off, congratulations to Portal 2 for the Steam award it won this year! I nominated it (and voted for it) in the “Villain Most In Need Of A Hug” category, and, based on Reddit polls, it totally swept the other nominees in the final vote. I’m still not sure whether that hug was directed at GLaDOS or Wheatley, but I like to think it’s for the latter – not because I prefer him, but because GLaDOS neither needs nor wants your petty human shows of affection.

Now that that’s out of the way, I guess I should explain my month-long absence. I fled the cold (forty degree Fahrenheit) weather of my home state, which you’d think would be warm, and hightailed it to Florida for two weeks, right in the middle of the school year. (It’s good to be homeschooled.) I went to the beach, ate some Dippin’ Dots, and rode The Hulk with my hands up. I also wasted a lot of valuable cosplay-making time, which wasn’t very smart, considering my ‘Con is in exactly two months as of today.

Anyway, moving onto the cosplay stuff, I regret to inform you all that there will be no pictures in this post, mostly because I really can’t be bothered to take them. Dealing with a camera when your hands are covered in auto body filler and liquid silicone kind of takes away from your effectiveness.┬áThere’ll be plenty of pictures of the finished thing, thanks to my mom, but, during this (rather boring) stage of construction, you’ll have to use your imagination. Which isn’t very hard to do, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you can pull up a picture of Chell’s boots in an actual screenshot of the game and see roughly what they’re looking like. Secondly, since mainly all I’ve been doing is sanding and gluing, nothing has happened that needs a ton of explaining.

I finished smoothing and painting the ankle pieces, and I glued them on. (Fascinating stuff, right?) I seam-ripped some slits in the heels so I can actually get the things on, which didn’t use to be that hard, but now that they’re rigid and crackable, I’m being as careful as I can. I glued some 2.75″ x 2″ wooden blocks to the backs of the calf plates in preparation for attaching the big curvy heel, which sure is going to be fun to shape. (Sarcasm alert. Looks like I’m going to have to get some dad help again.)

My next order of business will be to Bondo and shape the calf plates, then prime, paint, and glue them on. Once they’re finished, I’ll get to work on the heels – shaping them, painting them, and bolting them on. I’ll rig the straps that go across my shins, make sure everything is cleaned up and intact, and then I’ll be finished with the boots!

Wow, it looks so simple when I write it out like that. Seriously, sanding Bondo is just about the least fun thing I’ve ever done in preparation for a really fun thing, maybe next to taking a shower before going to a friend’s house. In my book, showering and putting on deodorant for someone is not a gesture that should be taken lightly.

Sorry for the rather short and boring post. Hopefully, you at least enjoyed the roller coaster video. I swear, I’ll try to make my updates more interesting after this one. Anywaaay, thanks for reading! If you’re interested in seeing more (better) posts from an amateur cosplayer and writer, I’d appreciate it a lot if you’d follow my blog, and maybe leave a like or two on posts that you particularly enjoyed, so I know what to make more of.

I’m terrible at conclusions, so here’s a dank meme for you instead.