Skin Commissions: Lumina Build Team (Skin One)

If you clicked over to this blog from my Planet Minecraft page, you’ve almost definitely noticed that I make Minecraft skins. Aside from making my own skins for fun, I’ve recently been commissioned to make special team skins for the amazing Minecraft build team known as Lumina.

Since the build team’s founder, rblilly, has kindly offered to pay me for making skins for the team, it didn’t seem right to post them on Planet Minecraft, even though I technically have permission to do so. I decided to post them here instead; it’ll be less likely for the skins to be lost among droves of others that I’ve made.
This first skin is for Sally, a learning member of the build team. Here’s what I was told to do:

“A female-looking anime dog skin… The color should be focused on pink, magenta, with some nice color contrast… the basic layout of our logo like a tattoo.”
I made the dog brown and white, with a pink collar. I thought about making the whole dog pink, but it was a little more recognizable as a dog with more natural colors (pixels are a limited canvas; it can be difficult to really put identifying details). The logo is in the form of a spot on the right side of her head.
Here’s the finished work.
screenshot of sally's dog skin

And here’s the skin file (right click+save as to wear it in-game):

Sally's dog

I hope you like the skin!  I’ll post the next one here, too, once I’ve finished it.

A poll for my server players

This one isn’t a real post – I just needed a place to host a poll.

It’s been agreed by most of my players that my server seed is pretty terrible.  However, some of them have gotten a little bit attached to their builds, so we decided to make a poll to calculate whether or not we should reset the world.

Thanks for voting, players!

A Minecraft Dream Come True

Hey, everybody, and welcome to Teen Fiction Girl!!  Firstly, happy New Year, and I hope you had a good 2015.  I stayed up until about 12:30 last night working on something I discussed in my last TFG post.

I hardly got enough votes on my poll to calculate a general response, but I decided to go for it anyway and make a server!  It’s called Origins Network, and the idea that it’s as basic as possible (with a few small plugins to control unhappy things like griefing and trolling.)  My purchased dedicated IP (originsnetwork.beastmc.com) isn’t working, but you can still connect to the server with the IP  Hopefully the dedicated IP will be up soon, because I’m getting really tired of typing numbers.

So anyway, the bottom line is – I have a server now!  It’s totally public and ready to play, so anyone that wants to play is welcome to.

Thanks for reading!!

~ Summer

A Minecraft Dream (+ poll)

Hey, guys, and welcome to Teen Fiction Girl!  I apologize for my lack of posts lately; I haven’t had much to talk about.  But now I do, so I’m back!  Yippee!

First of all, today is the last day of 2015, and that means New Years’ resolutions.  I resolute (I know it’s actually resolve, hush) to get back on that exercise program that my dad proposed to me in, like, July.  When he asked me if I’d rather earn money by working out or by cleaning public bathrooms, I very honestly answered cleaning bathrooms.

I also resolve to, at some point next year, start a Minecraft server.  You might remember when I had one last year.  It was a lot of fun, but as the sole contributor to the cost of hosting it, I couldn’t keep it up for long.  The problem with this was that I had no donations because I had no donors because it was a private server for me and my friends.  After discovering this awesome server (which I play on a lot with my awesome bro Amber)  it got me wanting a vanilla server of my own again.  I’d have the same problems I had last time, I know… but not if I made it public.

So that’s the idea.  The dream.  Could I host a Minecraft vanilla server?  I know I’m young, but I’ve been staff on more than one server before.  I’m tech-savvy enough to know how to work plugins (not a lot – enough to prevent grief and keep things peaceful while still maintaining vanilla status).  And I have awesome Minecrafter friends to help me if need be.

What do you think?

Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for reading!

– Summer