My Official NaNoWriMo Checklist

Hey, y’all!  For those of you that decided to do NaNoWriMo this year (which, since this is a writing blog, may be a relatively large crowd) I decided I’ll offer a little NaNo help that (probably, to the best of my knowledge) can’t be found on the forums.  I’ve put together a NaNo essentials checklist for you to complete before beginning your writing endeavor to maximize your writing comfort.  For your reading comfort (as opposed to your writing comfort), I’ve also separated it into decent-sized chunks of text.

Things I need that are ESSENTIAL to begin writing

  • My favorite word processor (Microsoft Word, of course, although Google Docs will do in a pinch)
  • A keyboard that isn’t my laptop keyboard and so won’t dig into my wrists like it did last year, because that was painful
  • A constantly open NaNoWriMo tab so I can refresh my word count every five minutes and see how I’m doing
  • A chair, because otherwise sitting at the computer would be kind of difficult (preferably my lovely beautiful wicker armchair, which my mom dubbed my perch)

Things I need that I could write without in case of, like, a nuclear fallout or some other similar emergency, but otherwise are 100% necessary

  • A cup of tea (not warm; good ol’ Luzianne iced southern style unsweet tea)
  • Some nice comfy pants, usually my neon pink cheetah-print ones
  • My amazing Dr. Dre beats that my dad found in a college parking lot
  • Said beats must be accompanied by Spotify or else they are useless
  • At least one (sometimes two) puppies; Dachshunds are preferable, although others may be substituted if Dachshunds are not available

Things I don’t have, but want really bad

  • A pair of fingerless / biking gloves (I’ve heard that they make typing much easier on your wrists)
  • A bag of marshmallows
  • A mug of hot chocolate to accompany the marshmallows

Things that I only want sometimes, but are good to have on hand

  • Warm tea and/or coffee (if it’s going to be the latter, it had better have LOTS of cream)
  • A blanket (a really fuzzy one)
  • A document open with one of those cool character development sheets in case I run into a difficult character

That’s about all you need.  If you have everything on the list above, I hereby declare that you are ready to write!  (You get extra credit if you have the things on the Things I Don’t Have But Want Really Bad list.)

Thanks for reading – I hope this was educational, relatable, and/or amusing.  (Amusable?  That sounds better, doesn’t it?)

~ Summer T.