Skin Commissions: Lumina Build Team (Skin One)

If you clicked over to this blog from my Planet Minecraft page, you’ve almost definitely noticed that I make Minecraft skins. Aside from making my own skins for fun, I’ve recently been commissioned to make special team skins for the amazing Minecraft build team known as Lumina.

Since the build team’s founder, rblilly, has kindly offered to pay me for making skins for the team, it didn’t seem right to post them on Planet Minecraft, even though I technically have permission to do so. I decided to post them here instead; it’ll be less likely for the skins to be lost among droves of others that I’ve made.
This first skin is for Sally, a learning member of the build team. Here’s what I was told to do:

“A female-looking anime dog skin… The color should be focused on pink, magenta, with some nice color contrast… the basic layout of our logo like a tattoo.”
I made the dog brown and white, with a pink collar. I thought about making the whole dog pink, but it was a little more recognizable as a dog with more natural colors (pixels are a limited canvas; it can be difficult to really put identifying details). The logo is in the form of a spot on the right side of her head.
Here’s the finished work.
screenshot of sally's dog skin

And here’s the skin file (right click+save as to wear it in-game):

Sally's dog

I hope you like the skin!  I’ll post the next one here, too, once I’ve finished it.